Defying Gender Problems And Open Defecation, Sunita Devi From Jharkhand Is Training Women To Build Toilets

Mumbai: For the last couple of years, every weekend in Udaypura village of Jharkhand, is marked with a two-hour discussion led by a woman named Sunita Devi. The discussion topics range from hygiene, cleanliness, open defecation, alcoholism, child marriage to women’s safety. The aim of these discussions is to spread awareness and eliminate problems that affect women at large. Among the several issues, the problem of women defecating in the open has been resolved through these very discussions. 90 percent of the women in the village used to defecate in the open before 2018. Today, every woman in the village has access to a toilet.

The situation, however, was different a few years ago. Back in 2010, Sunita got married and shifted to her in-law’s house. Having used a toilet all her life, she expected a clean toilet in her new home. Fortunately, there was a toilet, but it was broken and not in a good condition considering it was a very old toilet. Concerned about her own health when she discussed the issue with her neighbours she found out that they didn’t have a toilet altogether. Read more

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