For 3 Days This Pregnant Woman Dug A Hole Near Her House. All For A Toilet

It was a sight that no one in Nandgaon village in Maharashtra’s Palghar district had seen before. For three days, Sushila Khurkute, who is 7 months pregnant, keep digging the rocky ground outside her house. All she wanted was a toilet, a basic necessity that most of us take for granted. But Sushila had never had access to one, not when she was growing up, and not through her previous 2 pregnancies. Through those pregnancies, she recalls, she did not eat enough for the fear of having to go to defecate in the open. It was only during her third pregnancy, that the 30-year old mother of 2 finally decided to take the matter into her own hands, quite literally so. She dug a hole outside her house so that she could begin constructing two toilet blocks as part of the central government’s Swachh Bharat campaign. Read more

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