‘I Am Not A Hero, Just An Everyday Person Who Is Doing His Bit For The Planet,’ Mantra Of This Marathon Enthusiast Who Has Been Picking Up Trash During His Runs

New Delhi: Most of us like to take leisure walks every now and then, sometimes, we also for the health sake makes a routine of morning or evening walks. But have we ever given a thought or asked ourselves this question – ‘If I am taking a step for my own health, can I simultaneously help and take care of the environment?’ The answer most of us will give will be a straight ‘NO’. Isn’t it? But for 39-year-old marathon enthusiast who is by profession IS a freelance consultant for non-profit organisations, this one question made him start something unique. The uniqueness was the act of Plogging, which is about picking up trash while running/walking.

Srini Swaminathan from Chennai started his ‘plog journey’ in the year 2013, even before the trend of Plogging spread across the world. Sharing his story with NDTV, Srini said… Read more

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