Kochi To Kanyakumari, Environmentalist Group Bicycle To ‘Replace Plastic’ And Educate Citizens

New Delhi: Plastic pollution is a looming crisis courtesy our reliance on it especially single-use plastics which are slowly killing our environment. According to Science Advances, a scientific journal, if current production and waste trends continue, landfills in the world will hold around 12 billion metric tonnes of plastic waste by 2050. According to European Union (EU), more than 150 million tonnes of plastic exist in the oceans today as about 4.8 – 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter oceans every year. Concerned with the state of our beaches, and oceans flowing with plastic, members of AccelerateSD, a non-profit organization promoting sustainable development, have set on a week-long bicycle tour titled ‘Replace Plastic’.

The tour that started from Kochi on Thursday (April 25) will reach Kanyakumari on April 30, covering 350kms on bike meanwhile educating people about plastic pollution. Talking to NDTV about the tour, Akshay Gunteti, founder and director of AccelerateSD, says… Read more

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