‘SquatEase’, An Innovation By A 26-Year-Old From Pune Makes Using Indian Style Toilet Easy

New Delhi: “I often hold my bladder and avoid using a toilet because we have an Indian toilet at our place which requires squatting to use. We don’t have enough money to renovate our washroom and get a commode which costs around Rs. 5,000 or more”, says 60-year-old Prem Ashok Rawal, a resident of Ghaziabad, who often finds it difficult to use an Indian toilet or squat toilet because of her knee surgery and age. Understanding the problems faced by Indians while using a squat toilet, 26-year-old Satyajit Mittal, a student of Product Design and alumni of MIT Institute of Design has come up with a unique innovation – SquatEase – unidirectional, clean and comfortable toilet solution. Read more

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